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Pancakes Kiwi Style

Published Wednesday, 03 July, 2013 by Anonymous

This is a mixture of mums recipe & a hint of korean style i learnt wrkn @ gengi's



  • 2x c - self raising flour
  • 1 tsp - baking powder
  • 1/4 c - sugar
  • 1x - egg
  • 1x c - milk
  • 1x - pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp - vanilla essence
  • (any) oil
  • butter
  • non-stick frying pan,
  • spatula, ladle, whisk, bowl


- crack egg into bowl

- add vanilla essence, salt, sugar, milk then whisk

- now that is all mixed start sifting 1 cup of flour at a time, also add the baking powder, then whisk until satisfied with the texture

- heat a non-stick frying pan and add 1x tbsp of oil, and a cube of butter, i find that adding a bit of butter before each pancakes gives an epic buttery taste.

-add full soup style ladle to the pan, this should be enough to fill 3/4 of the pan. (depending on the pan off course)

- when bubbles start to appear the pancake is ready to be flipped, cook for another 30 - 60sec when flipped, then serve

- serve hot with:

any jams,

lemon & sugar,

ice cream,

whipped cream,

or to get that mcd's taste, butter your pancake and add a heap of maple syrup yum!!

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  • Let's take a bet on how many of these people are students attempting to cook in their flats and dorms?