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Simple Sponge Cake

Published Thursday, 10 October, 2013 by Wendy Pereira

Soft and yummy basic cake that you can try out at home



  • 1. All purpose flour (maida) - 50 gram
  • 2. Sugar (ground) - 50 gram
  • 3. Amul butter - 50 gram
  • 4. Egg whites - 2
  • 5. Baking powder - 1 tsp


1. In a large vessel smash butter with your hand palm and make it smooth.

2. Slowly keep adding powdered sugar and keep on mixing with your palm.

3. Once the sugar is completed melted, start adding the egg white mixture (egg white should be first whisked properly and the egg yolk should be discarded).

4. Add flour (maida), little at a time and keep on mixing with your palm.

5. Add baking powder and mix well.

6. Add this mixture to a baking pan and bake it for 20 minutes in the oven.

tip : the more you mix the mixture with your palm, more fluffier the cake will be.


  • Alia bhatt 3 years ago

    Hey wendy! alia here! Im not gonna try it but definetely want to have it at ur place!

  • Shahrukh Khan 3 years ago

    Loved this recipe wendy!!! you are an amazing cook with an amazing soul!!!

  • namrata 3 years ago

    Tried this recipe and it was yummy

  • Raj24 3 years ago

    Im going to try this

  • tryme 3 years ago

    Try dis atleast once

  • tejal 3 years ago

    love love love !!!

  • sagun 3 years ago

    Superb recipe

  • anamik 3 years ago

    Best cake ever

  • Simran 4 years ago

    Wow!!!!! Its too delicious bt i really want 2 know that isko grill krna hai or it should be microwave .......I have a lot of confussion

  • Patience Skhakhane 5 years ago

    I'm a student of hospitality i enjoy baking and cooking and wow dah sponge cake i made is out of this world i'm amazied thank you

  • Rella 5 years ago

    It is niceeeeeeee...At first it didn't look good but i waited patiently i saw how awesome it was thanks

  • HADI FAHAD 5 years ago


  • Thuthukile 5 years ago

    Ilke the recipe short and straight foward

  • Alex 5 years ago

    Preheat the oven to what!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe 5 years ago

    Thanks i am going to try this but divide the mixture into three and in each one add different food coloring just to bring the fun to it xxx

  • Simran 5 years ago

    It is very easy to make

  • 5 years ago

    I use only whisked egg white. And also egg yolk gives a rotten smell to your cake....

  • Troll 5 years ago


  • Lecn 5 years ago

    Obviously if the recipe calls for purely egg whites and the whole egg is used, the cake will not turn out well. I hope this will be a fluffy cake!

  • Priya 5 years ago

    Very easy

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