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Smarties Rice Crispy Cakes

Published Sunday, 09 May, 2010 by annalise

no baking !



  • 2 tubes of smarties
  • cake cases (as many as you want)
  • chocolate dark or milk
  • a wooden spoon !
  • a bowl !
  • a saucepan !


. get a saucepan and add a glass bowl ontop

. brake the chocolate in squares and add them to the bowl

.heat up oven so the choclate can melt put it on max but watch as it don't burn if so turn down

. stir the chocolate around until melted

.add the rice crispies and stir until covered in chocolate

. get your cake cases and spoon in the contents

.add the smarties ontop

.put in fridge allow to cool for 30 mins

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