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Sweet Delight

Published Thursday, 25 August, 2011 by summaya

easy and delecious!



  • pot of custard
  • digestive biscuits
  • fairy cake
  • double cream
  • some buttur


melt a teaspoon of buttur in the microwave.

get 4 digestive biscuits and put in a plastic bag (tesco bag) and crush the biscuits using a rolling pin or glass.

mix the crumbled biscuits with the butter and then flatten into a bowl or glass and put in fridge for 10 mins.

after 10 mins pour some custard ontop of the biscuits and then crumble some fairy cake or sponge cake on top.

get some elma double or double cream and whip it with a spoon of sugar to taste and then spoon ontop of crumbly cake custard and biscuit.

so bottom layer is biscuits then custard then cake then cream.XD

leave in the fridge for another 20 mins.

tastes absolutely yummy!


  • Dano 5 years ago

    It seems to be tasyy