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Sweet Digestive Biscuit Crumb Balls

Published Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 by Ilona

Digestive biscuit crumbs + condensed milk



  • Digestive biscuit (or maybe graham crackers as called in other countries)
  • condensed milk
  • sprinkles (optional)


Grind some digestive biscuits with spin or smash them until they become powder

mix in condensed milk while mixing until you get some kind of dough that you can mold with your hand.

form the dough into small balls (or any kind of form that you want, balls turn out to be the simplest)

roll the balls in sprinkles. (optional)



  • Leena Alnaizy 5 years ago

    Its amazing, and its a keeper alright

  • Latika 6 years ago

    How much condensed milk

  • Bonnie 6 years ago

    How much condensed milk ????????????????

  • Mathab 6 years ago

    How much milk do you ned

  • Chole 6 years ago

    Looks goood

  • Manirewa 6 years ago

    I made it it was yummy thank you

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