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Your Own Chocolate Orange!

Published Saturday, 01 February, 2014 by Sarah

Not terrys but yours!



  • An orange
  • a big bar of your favorite chocolate
  • terry's chocolate orange.


Melt your chocolate till it is all smooth and melted through. Or melt the chocolate orange.(keep the packaging and foil!)

peel orange and separate them into segments

dip each segment into your melted chocolate and allow to set.

once all segments are done, place them back together and bind them with melted chocolate. Allow to set

during the set time, eat your terry's chocolate orange, but keep the foil wrapper and packaging.

or keep half the chocolate orange and mix it with your segments!

once chocolate has set, then wrap it in the foil and put back into box. Put it in the fridge to harden some more.

great gift ideas or party favours!

put some popping candy in with the melted chocolate mmmmm

have fun and enjoy! ^_^

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