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Yummy And Easy Flapjacks.x

Published Saturday, 09 May, 2009 by Jemma

cheap easy and yummy what else can you ask for?



  • 75g butter or marg
  • 60g light brown sugar
  • 1 table spoon of golden syrup
  • 175g of porridge oats
  • Chocolate (optional)


1.put the butter or marg, sugar and syrup into a sauce pan. stir on a low heat untill its all melted ( it looks disgusting now but just you wait!!)

2. put all the porridge oats in a seperate bowl and pour the melted butter, sugar and syrup over them. into a well greased square sandwich tin (around 18cm)

4. bake in the middle of the oven 180 degrees or gas mark 4 for 20-25 minutes or just untill its all golden brown!

5. enjoy!! :)

Delicious it you add some melted chocolate on top!


  • Lotte 3 years ago

    Read on another recipe never bake for more than 20mins, even if it looks sloppy it will set and will stop it going hard and like a brick!

  • Emj 5 years ago

    How many does this make??

  • fghj 7 years ago


  • Crazy 8 years ago

    Can i use norm sugar instead of Brown ?

  • food critic 8 years ago

    what about the sausages!! get with the programme...

  • c 8 years ago

    i ain't tried them yet but we are making this recipe at school next week hope they are nice

  • Kezziie 9 years ago

    Well.. They souund niice and it looks like a very easy recipe and have amaazing reviews.. i think ill give it a go :) x

  • Gemma 9 years ago

    Just got them cooking at the moment! the mix was very yummy!

  • felicity 9 years ago

    it was nice :)

  • jolly bee 10 years ago

    heeey boltssss

    these are scrumptious i loved them

  • Jemma 10 years ago

    Hey Batman if your putting chocolate on them you put it on after they are cooked and after they have cooled down!

  • batman 10 years ago

    can i just ask, if u were to put the chocolate on top would u put it on before u put it in the oven or after??

  • batman 10 years ago

    i think these are amazing i made them the other day and everyone loved them
    thanks x

  • Jemma 10 years ago

    Comment and tell me what you think!!!

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