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Yummy Pineapple UʍopǝpÄ&plusmn

Published Friday, 26 August, 2011 by Alisha

Well, It's Pineapple Upside down.. and it's yum!



  • - 200g Self Raising Flour
  • - 200g Margarine
  • - 200g Caster Sugar
  • - Pack of 4 tinned pineapples
  • - 2 Eggs
  • Equipment:
  • - Cake tin.
  • -Mixing Bowl
  • -Mixing spoon
  • - Measuring scale


It may sound long, but it really isn't it's just how i worded it :/

1. Wash Your hands, and prepare equipment and ingredients carefully. Turn on the oven to 200 Degrees.

2. Mix the flour, eggs and margarine together, it should be smooth and not lumpy.

3. Add the caster sugar and continue to stir.


If you like, you can open the tinned pineapple and take some of the syrup, roughly 2-3 spoons and stir it into the mixture. Make sure you don't put too much otherwise the cake won't rise as well.

4. If you know your cake will stick, line the tin with some margarine and sugar.

5. Take all four circular pineapples and lay them on the cake tin, spreading them out.

6.Now you can add the cake mix on top, covering the pineapple. Put it into the oven for roughly; 20-25 minutes (You can adjust this time limit to when you know the cake is done)

7. When it's done, this is my favourite part- Flip it over.. Or turn it upsidedown!

To serve-

You coud have it with custard, but if you don't like custard, you could have it without.

Tip- When the cake is in the oven, avoid opening the doors, otherwise it will make the cake flat.


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