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3 Recipe Iced Coffee

Published Thursday, 18 July, 2013 by Keri

Don't have a blender and craving coffee? here you go :)



  • Milk of any kind (almond, skim, soy..)
  • coffee crystals (like folgers, or any instant coffee)
  • sugar (optional)


Pour a mug of cold milk

add 1 tablespoon of the coffee crystals (recommended, you can add to taste)

add 1 spoon of sugar (add to taste)

mix, and add ice cubes if wanted.

-side note: i like to take my ice cube tray and fill them with the coffee mix shown, so when they melt it doesn't get all watery and gross, you can add these to your coffee if you would like.-


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  • With this recipe you're just minutes away from a tasty dish! Main ingredient = bread. You probably already have that in your pantry. Thanks, Ridhima for posting on!