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A Alchohol Free Cocktail

Published Thursday, 15 April, 2010 by simrah

(a.k.a mocktail) really refreshing!!great for a party!!



  • any tropical juices! here are some suggestions
  • *orange juice
  • *cranberry juice (works very well)
  • *grapfruit juice
  • *pineapple juice
  • p.s. You dont need them all...just 2 at least!!
  • *and any fizzy drink....leamonade works best!!
  • *and lots of ice!!


for 1 glass :

*put ice in glass

* pour in 2 shots (basically 2 parts of something) of 1 type of juice

* pour in 1 part of the other juice

* pour in 2 parts of the fizzy drink!

and WALAHH!!!

suggestion :) = you can add orange or lime slices for a citrus look and tang! also try making it look like a cocktail by adding fruit on the sides of the drink or umbrellas!1 and try serving it in a wine or martini glass!!



  • Big Fat Mong 4 years ago


  • April Moore 6 years ago

    We made these at a christian camp i went to and we called them suicides..They are delicious!!!!!!!!!

  • Freya 7 years ago

    Sounds great!

  • cookiemonster 7 years ago

    mmm this sounds great i have got 2 try it

  • c-c-crazy woman 7 years ago

    wow amazing u have helped me so much i have an assinment in 2 weeks on healthy breakys and you have helped me so much thank you.
    P.S it sounds delicious.P.P.S Epicpartier sounds good = )

  • EpicPartier 8 years ago

    if you wanna get some booze in there just replace the fizzy drink with vodka. yummy!

  • Bella Staythum 8 years ago

    so amaaazing! i am under 16 and I have this all the time! 5/5 - please try some, I promise that you will love it!

  • raman 8 years ago


  • raman 8 years ago


  • Hello 8 years ago


  • Jelly is awsome :) 9 years ago

    thx id luv 2 try this :)

  • c00l0ne 9 years ago

    drunk better

  • boombum 9 years ago

    i agree with loren useleszssssssssssssssssssss

  • bonbon 9 years ago

    a perfect recipe for none alcohol drimkers or family parties where these child. makes them feel grown up

  • simrah 9 years ago


  • Loren Sharples 9 years ago

    Id rather be drunk

  • sibby 9 years ago

    i have pregnant friends and have a few parties planned so this recipe is perfect

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