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A Dirty Mud Puddle

Published Monday, 28 February, 2011 by Samantha

Tasty alcoholic drink!



  • Vodka
  • Orange Juice
  • Coke/diet Coke


Put a shot (or however much you want) of vodka in a glass.

Then add some orange much you add depends on glass size and how much you like orange juice.

Then add Coke/Diet Coke whichever you prefer...again how much you add depends on glass size and how much you like Coke.

Looks disgusting (hence name) but tastes pretty good! :)


  • Roy Wanstall 3 years ago

    Dunno where the poster got this from but I invented it in 1971.
    Around here, it's known as "Medway Mud" (named after the local river Medway).

    When I first started getting it, it always got the comment "That looks like Medway Mud - it's disgusting!".

    It's a simple mix of 1 bottle of Brtitvic 55 orange juice in a tall tumbler topped up with coke.
    Have it 'as-is' as a soft drink or sneak in a shot or two of vodka or other alcohol that doesn't have a strong aroma.

  • maia radford 8 years ago

    i love

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  • This looks delicious! Thanks Shreena for uploading this to