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Amazing Cool Drink

Published by Anna

its great for a hot day and its really delicious !!!!



  • lots of ice cubes
  • glug orange juice
  • glug sparkling water
  • glug vinto
  • lemon slice


- get a glass and pour the orange juice, vinto + sparkling water

- ad the ice cubes and stick the slice of lemon in tooo =D


  • Rama 7 years ago

    Try oreo cupcakes
    do a chocolate cupcake mix then put the oeos at the bottom of the cucake liner than put cupcake batter on top

  • Sam 7 years ago

    What's Vinto? Do you mean Vimto?

  • sean 8 years ago

    is it fizzy vinto our normal????:P

  • Justin Bieber 8 years ago

    What is a glug?

  • Nigel 9 years ago

    Vimto Ofc

  • sarah hartley 9 years ago

    its lovely has enyone tred it xxxx

  • emily 10 years ago

    What is vinto? do you mean vimto?

  • abigail 10 years ago

    try coke float :-D

  • Tannya 10 years ago

    Do you mean vimto?

  • Amy 10 years ago

    What is a Vinto??

  • Jessica 10 years ago

    What is a vinto?

  • sean lyon 10 years ago

    best ever juice gives brain freeze though so drink slowly

  • Hannah lou 10 years ago

    this is scrummy i gave it my cousin yesterday and he loved it

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