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Banana Milkshake

Published Wednesday, 10 November, 2010 by Chris Gare

Costs less than 50p and fills you up



  • 2 Bananas
  • 1/4 to 1/2 a pint of milk
  • Brown Sugar (To taste) or white sugar
  • Ice Cubes (if available)


Really simple cut 2 bananas into slices (really cheap in sainsburys when bought in small quantities). Chuck it in a jug put a few ice cubes in to cool. Tip in the milk and add sugar. Use and hand blender put below milk level before starting. Blend till smooth.

Then Serve.


  • SaM 5 years ago

    Great :)

  • Josh 5 years ago


  • Christy 6 years ago

    It sounds delicious!But at home,my grandmother usually puts 1 tsp of sugar.

  • Goody 7 years ago


  • Charlotte 8 years ago

    Aw i my blender doesnt work :-(

  • Izzy 8 years ago

    this is so lush

  • sarah 8 years ago

    this is very cool 8-)

  • trey 8 years ago

    this is great

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