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Beetroot Drink

Published Friday, 16 November, 2012 by Jinju Venugopal




  • 1.Beetroot-1
  • 2.Sugar-as required
  • 3.Soda-as required
  • 4.Ginger-if needed
  • 5.Water-as required
  • 6.Lemon juice-1


1.Boil the peeled beetroot in water until the water turns bright purple(this is the concentrate)and let it cool.

2.Take the concentrate,add lemom juice and sugar and mix.(if adding ginger,just mix it in a blender)

3.Take this mix in a glass with ice cubes.Add soda and serve it.


  • Nitya Pediredla 6 years ago

    Soo good and nice i love this drink :p :p

  • Pooja 7 years ago

    Is it blood.......?

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