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Black Jack Vodka

Published Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 by rebecca b

tasty lethal drink



  • 10 cheap bars of black jack bar chewy sweet around 10p each so thats like a quid! (knew i should of taken up maths)
  • bottle of vodka!


this can take upto a week to be complete so be patient and dont give up on it!

drop the bars into the vodka, give it a shake and keep the bottle on a window sill

each day give the bottle a rough shake, get them muscles working!

you will notice the vodka is turning black and the sweets dissolving.

i know you will be eager to drink this sooner so its upto you but there will be bits of black jack in there, simply just seive it and get ready to have a great night and wake up in your neighbours bushes! believe me about that! :)


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