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Published Friday, 26 June, 2009 by Terri

makes red wine nicer!!



  • Cheap red wine (in Spain this costs about €1 tho i suspect that in england this wont be the case!)
  • Bottle of Coca-cola
  • Ice


Half and Half of wine and coke, add the ice, maybe some fruit if u want it more like sangria. Drink up and enjoy.. a cheap way of getting drunk on a night out! I love it, gets you high as well as drunk cos of the caffeine!


  • Elaine 8 years ago

    hhaha i love this drink!!! i first had it at FestMad in Madrid......i LOVEEEE ITT....i live right next to the Spanish border in Gibraltar and the Calimocho and Sangria are the best!!! must post my sangria recipe

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  • A great go-to tea recipe any time of day! Tastes like Christmas!

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