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Cheeky Vimto

Published by Katie Deighton

The wetherspoons drink



  • WKD Blue (cheap version)
  • Port
  • Vodka (optional)


Mix together a bottle of WKD with 50ml of Port and 25ml of Vodka for one drink.

Or mix altogether for a sexy punch!


  • Mark 4 years ago

    Fill a pint glass half full with ice, pour in 4 shots of port (cockburns ruby) then add a bottle of wkd blue. 2 to 3 pints and your in for a messy night!

  • john wallace 4 years ago

    To make a proper cheeky Vimto you need 2 x 50ml measures Port 2 x 25ml measures of Black Aftershock i x bottle of Blue wicked and lots of ice in a pint glass topped with lemonade
    Not for wimps !!

  • Banter 5 years ago

    I will skin your nan and hang her from your ceiling fan!

  • 5 years ago

    Kill yourself yourself

  • Superfix 6 years ago

    Students that can't spell. Don't you just love them?

  • danielle 8 years ago

    you are ALL rediculous TBH!

  • Lauren 9 years ago

    It needs lemonade.. its the lemonade that makes it taste like vimto.. without the lemonade its horrible!

  • haze 9 years ago

    this does not work. me and mates tried it on holiday. we drank jugs after jugs off it! tastes like cats piss!!

  • Jones Mofo 9 years ago

    People that say this tastes "the exact same" as vimto are deluded. It's like Vimto that someone's drunk then brought back up into a glass and mixed with paint stripper. Rank.

  • becky 9 years ago

    if you put it in a glass that has a thinner width in the middle of the glass then put in the wkd and then the port and watch the drink go purple but there should be a band of blue around the bottom of the glass its georgeous and a great way to have fun :D

  • amy 9 years ago

    isnt it wimto?

  • Kymberley 9 years ago

    This defo works but I'd suggest doubling the port x

  • sian mottershead 10 years ago

    this is not rediculous it is great an gets u drunk very easily after 2 or 3 pints of it(thats if ur a light weight lol)

  • chef tanisha 10 years ago

    this is rediculous

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