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Delicious Milk Shake

Published Monday, 15 August, 2016 by kiruci mahendraraj

If u wish U can change the flavour of jam & ice cream


  • Vanilla ice cream 200ml
  • Condensed milk 1.25tblspoon
  • water1tblspoon
  • dried cherries(chopped) 1tspoon
  • Finely scraped chocolates 1.5tspoon
  • wood Apple jam 1.5tblspoon


1st blend a major portion of each the jam ,milk& water in a blender. pour the mixture into a glass. Now blend a portion of ice cream . Then pour it slowly into the glass. Then at the top place the remaining ice cream as a scoop & add chopped pieces of jam, chocolate pieces ,cherries & milk . Finally refrigerate and serve it

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