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Fat Frog

Published by Hannah

tastes amazin n gets u rat assed quik



  • 1 big bottle of blue wkd
  • 1 big bottle of smirnoff ice
  • 1 big bottle of orange bacardi breezer
  • ice (essential-tastes rubbish without it)


pour it all into a big jug/bowl n be amazed at the bright green colour. pour into glasses and enjoy


  • kyla 2 years ago

    tastes amazing, didnt have barcardi breezer but got barcardi and tango and mixed together
    lovely combination

  • SeshGremlin 3 years ago

    Rat assed? You forgot the naggin of Smirnoff redcap... Otherwise it's just a summery drink for the deck

  • Will 7 years ago

    This is the dank sauce

  • emily 8 years ago

    this is gorgeous! when i ran out of Smirnoff ice i used absolute citron and it was equally as nice

  • Sophie 8 years ago

    Ah this stuff is amazing, had it in Salou. I was actually gonna submit this but it's already on here.

  • Jake 8 years ago

    I know it as a green frog. They are well nice, taste of Lime fruit polos if you can remember those. Give it a vodka head if you're hardcore.

  • cait 8 years ago

    had it in ibiza- serious stuff!

  • Katie 9 years ago

    We had this on holiday and my boyfriend really couldn't handle it after a long day of drinking already..
    It's more because it's sweet i think it makes you feel pretty sick.
    But it definitely gets you wasted.

  • amy 9 years ago

    it soo gud

  • lynda 10 years ago

    a ken this as crazy frog . an omg it sends u aff your head but its excellent

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  • What a delicious looking dish! Thanks for uploading, Ellen.

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