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Glass Of Water

Published Tuesday, 07 February, 2012 by Patrick

Quite Difficult To Make But Easy When Mastered



  • Water


Open the cupboard and get out a glass

Go over to the tap and turn on the cold (or hot if you would prefer)

Place the glass under the running water but be carefull not to get wet

When the glass is full remove it from under the tap

Turn off the tap and hold the glass

Hold the glass to your mouth tipping it towards you but be carefull not to spill any or you will have to dry it up

Once finished put the glass in the dishwasher or sink or repeat if you are still thirsty


  • Dancopp 7 years ago

    Can you please create a more simplified version of this recipe, i keep getting lost at selection of hot or cold water. I'm sure many students feels the same. We've not graduated yet!

  • Jasmine 7 years ago

    Haha lol, now i know how to make a glass of water!!

  • Dan 7 years ago

    Thank you ! .. Iv always had to buy water in bottles! Now i can make it at home

  • Brady 7 years ago

    I don't own any glasses. Will this recipe still work with mugs? Also, i have a four year old son, who is very picky. Is this a recipe children enjoy?

  • Kira 7 years ago

    I tried this but i don't think i got the method right. I also may have got the ingredients wrong. - darn!!!

  • Caz 7 years ago

    I made this in my cooking class and got an a* ;) thanks

  • Ian Somerhalder 7 years ago

    Omg!! This recipe is amazing, how do people come up with such good ideas!! Truly awesam ;)

  • Wesley Wong 7 years ago

    What a great recipe you loser

  • Ski 7 years ago

    What a great recipe!! Love it! Water always clears up my mind and makes me feel great!

  • ThirstyKirstie 7 years ago

    This may be a bit much for me...nPerhaps I should start with bottled water to begin with.

  • Daniel Copeland 7 years ago

    lol best recipe ever i think ill make this for my exam

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