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Glass Of Water

Published Tuesday, 07 February, 2012 by Patrick

Quite Difficult To Make But Easy When Mastered



  • Water


Open the cupboard and get out a glass

Go over to the tap and turn on the cold (or hot if you would prefer)

Place the glass under the running water but be carefull not to get wet

When the glass is full remove it from under the tap

Turn off the tap and hold the glass

Hold the glass to your mouth tipping it towards you but be carefull not to spill any or you will have to dry it up

Once finished put the glass in the dishwasher or sink or repeat if you are still thirsty


  • Willb_ 6 years ago

    Thanks so much
    iv always wanted to make a glass of water but never new how
    im not going to die young now

    thank you so much
    love your work

  • UNKNOWN 6 years ago

    My country does not have this water you speak and dishwasher ?

  • Mimi 6 years ago

    These comments have made my life

  • Kat 6 years ago

    Thank u this recipe saved my life

  • 6 years ago

    I tried this but it spilled all over my feet and down my shirt when i tipped towards me. I held the glass to my mouth like you said, but do you think i should have brought it closer? What is the optimal distance ratio of glass to mouth? Please help, i'm terribly thirsty!

  • Lilly 6 years ago

    Healty information :after taking the water then drink it in three breaths ....Do not stand but sit and drink ...

  • Misslilzz 6 years ago

    You didnt say which way to turn the tap, im so confused :/

  • Chris 6 years ago

    Excellent recipe - fed the family for a week :)

  • Bascoigne 6 years ago

    Is water that white stuff you get from cows? I thought i'd be adventurous and just suck straight from the teets (is that what you mean by tap)? Anyway, felt sick after 5 mouthfuls and i've got a jaw ache.

  • Granthamgurls 6 years ago

    Im worried i might drown

  • Someone 6 years ago

    Can it burn? I'm really worried about my children making it

  • Kwelgirl 6 years ago

    Idiotic recipe, if anybody dnt know dis then he is mad

  • Granthamgurls 6 years ago

    If you wanna be a posh snob, i recommend malven water; only the best for our queenie she wont drink your dirty tap water!

  • Elizabeth 7 years ago

    Just can't stop laughing

  • Alanagh 7 years ago

    Wow what an interesting recipie! I never knew that recipie before!

  • Alanagh 7 years ago

    Oh wow what an interesting recipie! I never new how to pour a glass of water!

  • Jemmy 7 years ago

    Omgosh, i've been trying to find this for ages! Another one for the recipe file, thank you so much.

  • Scaly 7 years ago

    If its brown drink it down if its black send it back

  • Mandie 7 years ago

    It all seems so clear to me now. Thank you my unknown hero!

  • Lolly 7 years ago

    I am pretty sure we all know how to prepare a glass of water though it is useful

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