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Jelly Baby

Published Wednesday, 06 August, 2008 by Charlie

Alcoholic twist on childhood favourite



  • Double Vodka
  • 1 Orange Reef
  • 1 Blue WKD
  • 1 Smirnoff Ice


Get your double vodka, but in a pint glass and order the other three drinks. Then top up your vodka (evenly-ish) with the Reef, WKD and Smirnoff Ice. I swear it tastes exactly like jelly babies. And you can keep topping it up with whats left in the bottles =D


  • Ash n Kim 9 years ago

    Ahhhh seriously this has got to be one of the best pitchers you can buy at whetherspoons!!! Doesnt taste like alcohol but gets you drunk without knowing it :) Loves it`!

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