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Oreo And Kitkat Milkshake

Published Monday, 12 January, 2015 by Sandra

Extra chocolateyyy



  • (serves 3 with extra servings available)
  • 1 pack of oreo biscuits
  • cookies and cream kitkat (about 4/6)
  • vanilla ice cream ( try cornish ice cream)
  • leave ice cream at room temperature so it's almost soft.
  • 100ml semi- skimmed milk (if you feel like you want an ingredient with not as much calories) :)


Crush oreo and kit kat in a plastic bag or you can simply break into a blender if you have a superfast blender.

add some milk but watch not to put too much, add ice cream and blendddd.

et voila... Pour in fancy cups and add some straws!

ps: add as much milk as you think is necessary to achieve the consistency you like.

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