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Perfect Illness Soother

Published Friday, 07 December, 2012 by Callie

Honey and lemon



  • 1- 2 large lemon
  • honey
  • sugar
  • hot water


Now that winter is here and bugs are flying around left right and centre its inevitable that your going to get something!

basically theres two ways:

1. Slice the lemons

2. Fill a saucepan with water add the slice lemons

3. Cook on a very low heat for about half hour

4. Put honey in a bottom of a glass add the mixture

5. Sweeten with sugar if you must

6. However much you have left leave it to cool and just heat it up the next time you need some tlc


slice the lemon

add hot water

let it stew for a while add honey

i hope this helps and that you feel better x

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  • This is going to happen.