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Skittles Milkshake

Published Sunday, 18 November, 2012 by Chef Charlie-mae

Mmm u have got to try it!!!!!



  • 1 packet skittles
  • 3 scoops vanilla ice-cream
  • a big splash of milk


Put it all in the blender, blend until smooth and then serve!!!!! :) :)


  • Kane 7 months ago

    I would rather buy it but I’m in Florida so I will take it

  • Steve 3 years ago

    I reccomend a little less skittles

  • Jonathan Phillips 4 years ago

    skittle were already my favorite candy but this milkshake is awesome.

  • Sophia 4 years ago

    This was very helpful! Thanks to this i passed my catrering exam

  • Kayleigh 4 years ago

    Tastes fantastic would definitely reccomend!

  • Roman 5 years ago

    Nobody in the world likes skittles better than me.

  • Emma 5 years ago

    Very good. I would recommend

  • Jack 5 years ago

    Nice but my blender broke :(

  • Laid 5 years ago

    Really nice! Best idea ever!

  • Wsghsrg 5 years ago


  • Epic 5 years ago

    This is crap

  • Scsfahgfd 5 years ago

    Juss stupid as you

  • HGCHD 5 years ago

    Dis stupid

  • Robyn 6 years ago

    Can you try this with millions

  • Sahara 6 years ago

    You need about 1 cup of milk

  • Savannah 6 years ago

    It's yummy!

  • Savannah 6 years ago

    Are you serious?

  • Food Maker 6 years ago

    How much of milk

  • Ramses 6 years ago

    What kind of skittles did you use for this recipe.......Is it the fruit skittles? Crazy sour skittles? Or, confused skittles?....

  • Skittlelover 6 years ago

    I love me a skittle milkshake.. Its soo fantastic.. Its just soo.. I love it

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