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Sl*g Sister Cocktail.

Published Sunday, 16 May, 2010 by Aimie

Fruity, fun and mind blowing!



  • *1 bucket.
  • * Serving ladle
  • * 1 ltr of Smirnoff Vodka
  • * 500ml of Dry Martini
  • * 2 cans of fizzy Vimpto
  • * 2 cans of Red Bull
  • * 1 can of Orange Tango
  • * 1 carton of orange juice
  • * 1 carton of apple and raspberry juice (Sainsbury's)
  • * Fill to the top of bucket with lemonade
  • * 3 limes (Chopped into quarters and thrown in)


A sl*g sister is a cocktail I made for a flat party I had a little while back. It was a huge hit, with everyone getting rather jolly off it to say the least!

This cocktail is best made for a group of friends, rather than individually.

Firstly find yourself a bucket, or new bin (can't stress that enough). Wash it out and fill about half way up with ice. Then throw everything in. Its really that simple.

Serve with a ladle, its the easiest way!


  • Lady unicorn 4 years ago

    I tried this,and it was delicious!
    So fruity,the flavours worked together so well.
    Thanks I copied you Clarissa ????

  • Elita 4 years ago

    I made it and it tasted dilich

  • kirsty 8 years ago

    lol coooooooooool lol :)))))0))

  • Clarissa 9 years ago

    I tried this, and it was delicious!
    So fruity, the flavours worked together so well.

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