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Published Tuesday, 02 July, 2013 by Qazibilal

A cold drink perfect for summers!!!!



  • 1.Any kind of drink(i used tang)
  • 2.12-18 cubes of ice
  • 3.A plastic bag
  • 4.A blender
  • 5.A crusher


First you want to crush your ice cubes,then you pour the ice into your glass and then pour your drink in the glass.


  • Tamara 5 years ago

    Its horrible dont attempt to make it.

  • Zaynab 6 years ago

    Where can you get a crusher from?

  • Kate 6 years ago

    This is a perfect drink to cool down during summer, but i was looking for something more...Original not just a drink and a few ice cubes.

  • Abbie Hawkins 6 years ago

    Quick, nice, easy and simple and are great for summer time!!

  • Abigail Manyatta 6 years ago

    I hate it!

  • Allison 6 years ago

    Can you give me a example of a drink? Like what other types can u use besides tang?

  • 6 years ago

    I'll have to try this!

  • Andrew 6 years ago

    I loved it

  • Liz 6 years ago

    It was the best slushie i ever had

  • 6 years ago

    Nice one there

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