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Steven Hawkins

Published by Wick Bailey

UEA student classic!!!



  • 1 Orange Reef
  • 1 Blue WKD
  • 1 Smirnoff ice
  • 1 pint glass
  • 1 straw


1. Purchase drinks

2. Ask for pint glass and straw

3. Find a table to position pint glass on

4. Place pint glass upside down over the three bottle necks

5. With a speedy wrist action turn pint glass over with bottles in, so drink emptys out into pint glass (dont take bottles out, or the glass will overflow)

6. Insert straw into pint glass and begin to suck the straw as fast as possible, unti pint glass is empty.

7. The more people, the more fun. The aim is to see who can finish first

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