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Yummy Oreo Shake!

Published Sunday, 26 May, 2013 by Dhriti

Here's a yummy oreo shake!! quick n easy ... not the difficult n regular one!! its wid a osum twist!



  • 1 packet of oreo biscuits ( not the choco one).
  • 2 cups of milk.
  • hershey's chocolate syrup ( or any other chocolate syrup you like).
  • 10 g milk chocolate or any plain chocolate bar without nuts.
  • 1-2 scoops of chocolate ice cream.
  • *this recipe serves almost 2 persons...


1- take the biscuits and empty all in a container leaving 1-2 aside.

2- add milk, little chocolate syrup ( as per your taste)

3- blend all with a hand blender leaving small crumbs of oreo unblended.

4- take the glasses and pour the chocolates sauce only on the inner surface of the glass.

4- now grate some milk chocolate at the bottom of the glass.

5-put little ice cream onto grated chocolate in glass.

6- now pour the shake in the glass gently so that the icecream n chocolate do not get disturbed from there places.

7- break the extra oreo which was left aside into 2 pieces and put on the edge of the glass to top it.

* enjoy the delicious oreo shake!!!!


  • Ur Mom 5 years ago

    Will it taste good without the icecream?

  • Yummah 5 years ago

    I'm from england and i'm single. This was so nice.

  • 6 years ago

    Thank you so much guys!

  • Annie765 6 years ago

    Confused @[email protected]

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    This is the world best milkshake

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Its really quick n delicious! Very good

  • Sahar 6 years ago

    Hey! I love it i added some perk chocolate for change and rite biscuit and it was lovely

  • Danyal 6 years ago

    Dude thanks for the recipe i love it

  • 6 years ago

    Awesome recipe! :d
    p.S. I'm an indo-american and am single.....(you don't expect much out of harvard medical students, do you? :p)

  • Bambi 6 years ago

    I loved this dude. Im from sl. It is the best.
    thankyou for the recipe

  • Shepherd Liam 6 years ago

    Hey there trisha, my love ;)

  • Kinkuyan Weza 6 years ago

    Haha! I'm from china ms. England alice tripoli ;) i'm single, you're not. Hahahaha love to your boyfriend though. :p okay this was a good drink to refresh my mind with all the algebra! Haha! This drink was tuts! (tuts means perfect in chinese) bye! Had fun making this with my bro and little sis. Good luck on your career fellow mate. Thanks for the recipe. Bye bye! Jong honkya! (bye in chinese)

  • Alice Tripoli 6 years ago

    Yummy one! I'm from england and i loved it dude! Good job at the recipe. Love from me and my boyfriend and parents dear! England loves oreos!

  • Hunya Hikthath 6 years ago

    Yummy yummy in my tummy! Thanks thanks for da wonder recipe! Love you! Bye la!

  • Jankshun Lee Kimorna 6 years ago

    Wow!! Was really yummy! Made fresh at home today. My fiance' loved it! Thanks a lot for the simple recipe! :d

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