Step 1:

  • Add dry ingredients into bowl and quickly mix with a whisk to incorporate them. Next, add egg and start with a 1/2 cup of milk. If your mixture is a bit thick, slowly add in half a cup of milk, till the mixture falls a bit loosely from your whisk when held up high (not too runny/soupy, and not too thick where it just plops back into the bowl). If your mixture is too runny/soupy, slowly add a bit more flour till you get the right consistency.
  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • Note: The amount of cinnamon you use is up to you, but I used about four-five quick shakes of my cinnamon container, till the batter was a very light brown.
  • Step 4:

  • Step 5:

  • Take a non-stick pan and grease it with some butter. Place it on your stove, with the fire set to medium-low. I personally like making small pancakes, so I took a 1/4 measuring cup and dipped it into the batter and then poured the content onto my pan, which creates a nice round shape.
  • Step 6:

  • Step 7:

  • DO NOT TRY TO INCREASE THE HEAT SO YOUR PANCAKE WILL COOK FASTER. You may slightly adjust the medium/low setting, but if you try and cook the pancake on high, you will end up with a dry/cracked pancake. You have to be patient while it cooks and softly use your spatula to check if the bottom is cooked enough for you to flip it. Don’t be like my impatient friend who tried increasing the heat to make her pancake cook faster, because it doesn’t work that way.
  • Step 8:

  • Step 9:

  • Note: Your pancake is most likely ready to flip when there are a bunch of bubbles on the surface and the sides of the pancake have noticeable puffed/curled up quite a bit.
  • Step 10:

  • Step 11:

  • Once you flip your pancake, one side will be a bit spongy, white the other side is a bit firmer; that’s what you’re going for. Lightly press down on the newly flipped side with your spatula. Flip it over again and press down on that side for a moment and then flip again and press down once more, just to make sure every side/edge of the pancake is cooked and you don’t end up with a half raw pancake. Place pancake onto a plate and continue till you’ve used up all of your batter.
  • Step 12:

  • Step 13:

  • Wash four strawberries and a handful of blueberries and then lightly press them dry with two pieces of paper towel. Cut the strawberries into thirds and place onto your plate, and sprinkle your blueberries around the plate as well. Garnish with a drizzle of honey and then drizzle your choice of syrup onto your pancakes and enjoy!
  • Step 14:

  • Step 15:

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