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How To Cook A Fish

Published by Emily

The easy way to cook any fish



  • 1 whole fish or bit of fish or whatever
  • 1 lemon
  • Anything else you want to add, garlic onion etc, cayenne pepper is good if you want to spice it up


1 Slice lemon and arrange it around the fish and add any extra ingredients you want

2 wrap fish and lemon etc in foil

3 Put it in the oven until the fish goes flaky


  • foodinator 9 years ago

    This is a terrible way to cook Fsh. Wrapping foil around will only make it slower and make it stinkier. Instead of wrapping with foil leave it without foil. Also try to use Oranges instead of Lemons as Lemons will crisp and won't help with the flavour. Sprinkle with Salt before and after cooking your Fish. About a handful of Pure Sea Salt will do. You can buy the sea salt from major supermarkets eg. Asda, Tesco ect.. Once it has cooked, scrape off the salt as you would probably die from that amount of salt on your fish. Also remeber to descale it as you don't want to have to do that while eating. Cook at 180c/180cF/Gas Mark 4/5 (depending on how you want it cooked) Make sure you have soaked the Fish in a bowl of Orange Juice with some oranges around it to stop the smell and help the flavour as it will take in the juice. Make sure everything is fresh from the salt to the oranges to the fish. It helps if you caught your own fish, but only if you're not squeemish.

    Hope I helped Emily and Student Recipes

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