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Scrambled Tuna

Published Friday, 30 August, 2013 by Owen Henley

Quick protein filled recipe to kickstart your day (nicer than it sounds)



  • 3 x large eggs*
  • 160g can of drained tuna**
  • 60g chedder cheese
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • dash of butter for taste
  • ketchup to taste
  • salt and pepper to season


Serves 1-2.

1. Put eggs in a measuring jug and whisk with a fork.

2. Add milk, tuna and cheese, then mix together.

3. Put the butter in a frying pan and put on a medium heat.

4. Once butter has melted add your tuna and egg mix and scramble as normal.

5. When finished, serve immediately. Season with salt, pepper and ketchup accordingly.

* or 1 egg and 3 egg whites for a healthier option.

** if drained costs too much, you can just roll spring water tuna in a few paper towels.


  • james 3 years ago

    it is delicious. But i got so much grief off my wife for eating this, i'm not sure it was worth it.

  • Kkk 5 years ago

    Super easy and very ,very nice!!
    my siblings will love to try this

  • Big H 6 years ago

    Very tasty - try it!
    buy normal tin tuna and drain well. Open the tin as normal but don't remove lid. Ram the opened lid down into the tin over the sink to squeeze the water out. Don't mess around with paper towels!

  • [email protected] 6 years ago

    Very simple... :p

  • Adrian 6 years ago

    It's really nice !

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