Frozen veg soup

quick and easy veg soup

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First chop the onion into eights, they don?t need to be equal as they will be blended later. Empty the frozen veg into a stock pot, or just a massive pan and add all the ingredients in with it. With the puree, Worcestershire Sauce, and ketchup, you only need a bit so only a squirt of each will do. Sprinkle about a half a hand full of basil in and season with the salt and pepper. You may want to crumble in the stock cubes but it doesn?t really make any difference. Once all the ingredients are in, cover with water until there is about 5cm of water above the ingredients. Put on a stove and heat on a medium temperature for about an hour-hour and half. After this time blend the soup together using a hand held blender, or you can use a normal blender. Your soup is now done. You can add cream if you like or eat it like that. It will last for about 2 days on the stove and then another 2 days in the fridge.