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Chilli Con Carne

Published Saturday, 08 August, 2015 by Em Whatmore

Cheap filling meal that can be made meat free / Serves: 4



  • Mince
  • Kidney Beans
  • chopped tomatoes
  • peeled tomatoes
  • tomato paste
  • red bell pepper
  • sweetcorn
  • mushroom
  • chilli powder
  • onion


1. Chop up 1 whole onion , 1 bell pepper (I usually use half red and green) and a handful of mushrooms (optional).

2. Brown off the mince in a frying pan, then add the onions, pepper and mushrooms and cook for ~5 mins until soften.

3. Add the tins of chopped tomatoes (normally use 2), peeled tomatoes, kidney beans and sweetcorn (optional). Stir through.

4. Add ~1 tablespoon of tomato paste, and to your required taste of chilli powder.

5. While this is heating, rice or a jacket potato can be cook.

For a veggie version of this substitute the mince for diced carrots and celery, which are soften at the same time as the onion, pepper and mushrooms.

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