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Fruit And Yoghurt

Published Thursday, 01 October, 2009 by Cally

Really healthy and really tasty!



  • 2 Low fat Rowen Glen yoghurts (any flavour) - very cheap
  • 2 fruit portions (2 of the options below):
  • Chopped apple
  • Chopped Pear (sun blush variety)
  • Chopped Banana
  • Chopped Peach
  • Strawberries (8-10)
  • Raspberries (10-12)
  • *Frozen strawberries/ raspberries are cheaper than fresh ones and last longer too!
  • **If you prefer plain yoghurt swap the rowen glen flavoured variety with its natural yoghurt variety


Serves 1: Prep time 3-5 mins

1) Chop 2 portions of fruit (except raspberries as they are small enough!)

2)Transfer one portion of fruit into a bowl

3)Spoon in 1 pot of yoghurt

4)Transfer remaining portion of fruit to the same bowl

5)Spoon in remaining pot of yogurt

6)Mix yoghurt and fruit well


You can have this as a snack or a dessert

(if you have a sweet tooth add some honey and stir...)

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