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Overnight Oats

Published Thursday, 15 October, 2015 by Maggie DeLone

Chilled overnight oats. Protein packed goodness! / Serves: 1


  • oats (old fashioned)
  • any nut butter
  • greek yogurt (any flavor)
  • Almond milk (or any milk)
  • Flax seeds
  • banana
  • 1 mason jar


Get a pint sized Mason Jar.

1.) Layer 1/2 Cup of plain old fashioned oats.

2.) Layer 1 container or 1 cup of Greek Yogurt. (I say Greek because it is thick and will make for a better final dish)

3.) Add 1tbs of Flax Seed (Great source of Fiber)

4.) Add 1 tbs of Peanut Butter or any kind of nut butter.

5.) Cut up half a banana and layer on top of everything.

6.) Pour 1/3 cup of milk over all layers.

7.) Let sit for 18-24 hours and enjoy!

This is a great recipe to try in many different flavors. Add berries, try different flavors of yogurt, add nuts, throw in some chocolate, whatever your heart desires!!!