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Spicy Rice

Published Friday, 20 May, 2016 by platypusking platy

Don't eat if you have anything tomorrow. / Serves: 1


  • Bacon(3)
  • Eggs (4/5)
  • Rice (Uncle Bens)
  • Spring Onion(1)
  • Mature cheddar cheese
  • Chilli sauce


1) Cut the onion into fine slices, then place into wok.

2) Grate the cheese into the wok.

3) Break eggs into a mug and pour in one or two drops of your sauce

4) Place the bacon under the grill

5) Once the bacon is about 3 minutes from being cooked, put the rice in the microwave (because you're a lazy llama that don't need the stress of boiling fresh rice)

6) Use the scissors to cut the bacon over the wok

7) Pour in the rice into the wok (I realized I needed another egg at this point, whisk it up and pour it over the rice)

10)Turn on the heater, and move the ingredients around making sure to coat it in the egg.

11) Continue to stir, make sure to scrap the egg off the bottom of the wok

12) Once there is no longer any liquidity egg at the bottom and it looks like all the egg has scrambled you've cooked it. You're welcome.

12) Pour it onto a plate and eat it up, you beautiful human bean.

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