Step 1:

  • first you out ur chicken breasts in cling film and batter it with a malett till its skinn. then u roll up ur chicken and put a coat of ur cheese ova it then u slowly rapp ur bacon round ur cheese and chicken then put a cocktail stick in it till u finih makeing then rest then take it out wen u finish.
  • Step 2:

  • then set ur oven to 200 degrees wait till it warms up then put ur chicken surorises in till thet looked cooked (this could be anytilme between 20 – 30 mins).
  • Step 3:

  • then wen there nearly done put some lasagne sauce in a pan and cook it then wen everything is cooked put it on a dish and trickle the sauce on top. now enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • Step 4:

  • Step 5:

  • tip: add vegtables and potatoes wiv it and make a meal of it.
  • Step 6:

  • wiv the potatoes put mint sauce on them and get ur taste buds tingling.!!!!!!!!1
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