Step 1:

  • take mutton 250 gms. chop to small pieces. add all spices n salt; garlic paste . Put in a cooker and add 4 cups of water. wait for 5 – 6 Steams.In the mean time take some dryfruits like raisin, apricot, walnuts, cashews, almonds and keep them chopped ready . now after 5 steams open the lid of the cooker and keep the steamed soup in some vessel . leave the mutton in the cooker . Add one onion finely chopped with two tablespoon of oil in the cooker and let the mutton get cooked . once the onions turn golden pour what ever is in the cooker into a bowl . now in the same cooker put two cup rice and add te soup . let the rice boil and start getting cooked. when rice starts cooking add mutton & dry fruits also add a pinch off saffron to give an appealing fragnance and close the lid to give one more steam . turn off the gas and let it get cooked under the same steam . after 15 min try to open the lid . take the serving plate and wrap it with alminuim foil and pour the rice over it …. the pulao is ready ….
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