unsplash nutella coffee recipe

The Best Nutella Coffee Recipe

This creamy, decadent Nutella coffee recipe is the perfect treat for a cold morning.

5 min. Prep
5 min. Cook
10 min. Total
0 Servings





Brew your espresso shots or coffee. You can use one or two shots of espresso in this recipe, or 3/4 cups of coffee.



In a saucepan, add you milk, sugar and Nutella. Head over medium heat until the milk comes to a boil.



Add in your espresso shots or coffee, as well as the vanilla extract.


Pour mixture into mugs and add an extra drizzle of Nutella if you want.

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Ice Variation

For those that want an iced Nutella coffee recipe rather than hot will just add these ingredients to a blender instead of a saucepan and then add ice cubes. Blending this until its frothy will make a wonderful, iced coffee.

You can even decorate the rim of the glass and the sides with Nutella for a wonderful decorative look.

Three Step Variation

Sometimes you don’t have time to wait for something to boil, but you still want a sweet variety of coffee. This is a quick an easy recipe that will give you a Nutella taste without too much time. All you need is to dump some Nutella at the bottom of a glass or mug, pour in your coffee, mix well and top with anything you might want like whipped cream. It might not be as creamy as the recipe above, but it’ll do for a quick and easy turn around.

Coffee without a Machine

Coffee machines can be expensive, and purchasing coffee at a shop everyday can start costing a lot of money. If you’re wanting delicious coffee at home without worrying about dropping a large amount on a machine, try using instant coffee. While it gets a bad rap, making it properly is the key.

Here are some of the best instant coffee brands, and no, they’re not Folgers!

Make sure you read the instructions and brew to your liking. Having a higher quality of instant coffee could make a huge difference, and help you create wonderful creations like this amazing Nutella coffee recipe.

Tips and Tricks

Nutella is a hazelnut peanut butter that gives everything a rich taste. But what about something a little different? Or added ingredients to really help this drink pop?

Some other options that you can do to really enhance the hazelnut taste is by making a sauce, which can be done by mixing Nutella with some milk until it’s a saucy consistency. This can be drizzled on top of your drink or on other items like pancakes.

A great tip for any coffee lover that hates when their iced coffee gets diluted by ice is making coffee cubes, which is done by using ice trays and pouring your favorite brewed coffee in. Using these in your coffee instead of ice helps you keep your coffee fresh and ready with each sip.