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Potato Alioli (patatas Alioli)

Published Saturday, 01 June, 2013 by Jazzy

A spanish potato dish that accompanies bbqs



  • - baby/new potatoes
  • - garlic puree in a tube (or any other kind doesn't matter)
  • - helmans mayonnaise (doesn't have to be helmans but i personally recommend it)
  • - water


Firstly, peel your potatoes. If your not a good peeler, go for a bigger potato brand as it is easier to peel bigger potatoes.

place in a saucepan and bring to the boil until soft. However, not too soft that they fall apart.

drain and rest aside to cool.

get a bowl and add the mayo (depends how much your doing) i usually do about half the jar. Add some cold water til mayo is not too thick, but not watery, so that it falls off the spoon but not in one big 'plop'.

add the garlic, do a bit at a time as different people have different strengths of garlic preference. Personally, i do about half a teaspoon.

mix the garlic in and add the potatoes.

put in the fridge to cool as best served cold.


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