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Shish Kabab New Version

Published Friday, 13 July, 2012 by Ahmad Jaber

Best in the world



  • Meat cut into medium pieces
  • tall pointy thingii used for shish kabab
  • kiwi (optional)
  • u can also use vegies most recomanded onions and tomatoes but grill them before grilling the meat.
  • ps: the more u put of the white meat thingii of the cows beef which makes u fat the more delicous.


-first dont be surprised to of the next step.

-cut the kiwi into too and rub it on the meat

this will make the meat very much softer and it wont affect the tast.

-put the meat and veggies through the tall pointy thingii

-cut a barrel in half and put coal inside its bottom, light up the coal ,and find a way to prevent the sticks with meat from falling when brown flip.

ps: if u dont want to use the barrel and light up coal just use a grill.

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