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Cheesy Nacho Platter

Published by rhiannan pegg

tasty nacho thing for everyone to share.



  • some mozzarella cheese (melty cheese essential)
  • salted or cheesy nachos
  • 1 pot of mild salsa dip
  • (you can add chillies ect if you are that way inclines)


get a pyrex baking dish or similar and add one layer of nachos to cover the bottom of it. pour on some salsa and top with grated mozzarella. repeat this untill you like have a stack of nachos, salsa and cheese(you could potentially add chillies ect between the layers). make sure the last layer you have is of mozzarella. bake in a moderate oven for about 10 mins till cheese has melted. for a nice topping put under the grill for a bit to help the cheese melt. serve with anything or with sour creme dip.


  • Fuzzy Buddy 5 years ago

    Its tasty but could be more advanced by adding capsicum

  • Hallow 6 years ago

    How many does this serve??

  • Anneka 7 years ago

    I found that it worked really well and of you try it with shredded ham and cheese it tastes amazing! It doesn't even cost as much as i thought it would do!!

  • Ruby 7 years ago

    they taste of mouldy feet

  • Jamie 7 years ago

    BLAZED! End of!

  • Rosanna 7 years ago

    Oi punjabfm think u should check your spelling before u criticize grammar... Phenomenal recipe Rhiannan

  • Rhiannan 7 years ago

    I wrote this is 2005 when I was stoned. Leave my grammar alone. Lol

  • James 7 years ago

    Not sure what the grammar comments are on about. Unless it's been changed in the last 3 days, I find nothing wrong with Rhiannan's grammar. (Except for the word "like" in the second line)
    Anyway, as for the recipe - perfect, works a treat.

  • PunjabFM 7 years ago

    could not understand your grammar, its a phanomenon that anyone could.

  • Samantha 7 years ago

    Very ,Very Tasty But Check Your Grammar .xxx

  • Nachospelling 7 years ago

    check your grammar.

  • kirsty 8 years ago


  • Rambi 8 years ago

    Thanks so much! Love it, good recipe

  • Ele 8 years ago

    nom nom nom is all i can say by the way Jordan, no I'm cooler than you!!!! LOL

  • jordan 8 years ago

    im cooler than u!!!!! ( :

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