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Mini Bakewell Tarts

Published Wednesday, 13 July, 2011 by Sephora

The quick and easy way



  • Cheap, plain cake mix // you can literally pick up a 300g cake mix in tesco for 22p
  • plain or self raising flour
  • margarine
  • milk
  • jam // of your choice
  • icing sugar // two options for this you will see at the end
  • *you will also need a cupcake or muffin


-firstly if you do not have grease proof paper and you tin isn't pre greased then take a small amount of margarine in your hands and grease the tin.

-start with the pastry, add 250g of flour into a large mixing bowl, then add 50g of margarine and start to rub in with the tips of your fingers until you start to make a bread crumb consistency, to not over rub in, then add around 3 tablespoons of mil into the middle of the bread crumb like consistency(make sure the consistency is even and make a kind of well in the middle of your consistency before adding milk) one u add the milk to the well start mixing the milk with your bread crumbs gradually, until it becomes dough, if you need ore milk add spareingy.

- flour your surface and then roll out the dough and cut into circles, if u don't have cookie cutters you can use the hollow side of a mug or jar.

- add the dough to the cupcake tray and fit each circle into the hollows, making sure it covers the hollows so now you have pastry cases

-spread jam all over raw dough then make your cake batter // method on back of mix

-divide the mixture between the cases only filling them half way

- add them to the oven at 180oc until cakes have risen so about 15-18 mins

-now you can earthier sprinkle icing sugar on top nd leave to cool or you can make up some water icing and when cakes have semi cooled, pour over the top then leave to cool

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