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Mini Pizza

Published by O'Livia

quick and tasty party food-By O.G



  • Pitta Bread
  • Cheese
  • Tomato Spread
  • Toppings .e.g. Pepperoni


1) Get pitta bread and spread with tomato spread

2) Add grated cheese

3) Add your toppings

4) Put this in the grill for 10/20 mins


  • Bob 4 years ago

    It taste like strawberry

  • [email protected] 8 years ago

    yummy! this mini pizza is very yum!!!!!!!!!!!!! I eat it everyday on breakfast hahaha

  • billy 8 years ago

    this pizza is crap. it doesnt even turn out right, and i mean why would i make a pizza when i am supposed to be studying for my degrees. i mean that is just stupid, who would do this, you mongs.

  • Izz bizzz tizz 9 years ago

    omg!!! pizza crumpet!!! 8) that is ace man .. well of the charts bangin idea doing a level food tech!! :) and i was gonna use these for one of my designs like omg!! this website is well bangin!! ..hopefully i could like inspire some people to take food tech it is the most bangin' subject!!!! anyway ..later babes xx kiss kiss xxx please tap back on my post innit :) xxx omg!! pancake pizzas???!! ! .. maybe i could be like a new inventor of like food stuff that would be so bangin man ...let me know what you think babess xx love yaas !!

  • Loz 9 years ago

    im using this method for my my GCSE recipe for prom buffet finger foods but im going to add more different toppings so hopefully i can increase my level :D

  • lolliiee x 9 years ago

    @sharrel WOW pizza crumpets is such a COOL idea ima try it :P im takin food tech GCSE nd i was wonderin if i could make these as a starter for my italian food project.... what does anybody think? x

  • sharell 9 years ago

    well at school we have to make something crazy and new so ive decided im gonna make pizza crumpets :D hopefully it will go well :L

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