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Potato Wedges

Published by themum

Dead easy



  • A bag of potatoes
  • salt and pepper
  • oil


No need to peel but wash the potatoes and then cut into wedges.

Put in greased baking tin with lots of salt and pepper sprinkled over. Add more oil and shake the tin around so all the wedges are evenly coated. Cook at about 200 for 40 mins or so...keep checking and give the tin a shake now and again to make them evenly browned.

Serve in a big dish with a dip....


  • Marcus 4 years ago

    Use chicken salf the goods!!!!!!!

  • Jenni 6 years ago

    Can use assam chilly.............. It would be so spicy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonas 9 years ago

    Add some chilli flakes or spicy seasoning to the wedges at the beginning for something different, its really tasty and potatoes can get a bit boring!

  • Maz 9 years ago

    I haven't been a student for many.....many....many years !! But this website is really very good !! (Big sigh) wish I was a student again.....

  • Mike 10 years ago

    Got the potato wedges in the oven now!

  • Carodin1 10 years ago

    Use garlic salt, yummy!

  • YASMIN 10 years ago

    very good presentation to this website and love the recipes!

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