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Sausage Rolls

Published by Philip Walmsley

Yummy yummy sausage rolls



  • Sausage meat
  • Shortcrust pastry
  • milk/Egg to seal and glaze


1. Get shortcrust party and roll out (on a floured surface) to a long rectangle shape about 30cm x 40cm

2. Cut down the middle lengthways, this is great double the sausage rolls

3. Roll out sausage meat into long sausages

4. place them to one side of the pastry leaving about 2cms at the edge

5. Brush some egg or milk onto the gap just left and fold the over the sausage meat and press it onthe egg to seal

6. cut into desired lengths, glaze and cook in an over about 200ºC (gas 6) until golden brown


  • Darb 6 years ago

    Brill! Quick and easy, cheers.

  • Xrambo1 9 years ago


  • Xrambo1 9 years ago

    help me call 999

  • Xrambo1 9 years ago

    no. it is really bad it made want to throw up!!!

  • xrambo1 9 years ago

    really good youm ust try it !!!!!

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