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Sweet Cookie Pizza

Published Saturday, 01 February, 2014 by Sarah

A pizza-with a twist! ^_^



  • Cookie dough (enough for 2 medium sized pizza or small ones)
  • 2 big bars of milk chocolate (200g)
  • 2 big bars of white chocolate (200g)
  • some dark chocolate
  • :cadbury/galaxy etc...
  • toppings:
  • for cheese- white chocolate shavings (for the milk chocolate pizza)
  • for pepperoni - chocolate buttons
  • for tomatoes- chopped strawberries or strawberry sauce.
  • for pineapple- pineapple
  • for mushroom-gummy sweet mushrooms
  • shrimp-foam shrimp
  • any other- nut's, marshmallows, smarties, sprinkles and so on...Chocolate chips are good too!


Roll your cookie dough into your desired size and shape (you could make one big cookie or small mini pizza's) this will make 2 medium sized pizza's

once your base(s) has been rolled- put the cookie dough into the oven until cooked and golden brown

melt both chocolate's separately. But leave some white chocolate for decoration for later.

take cookie dough out the oven and leave it to cool.

pour on and spread the melted milk chocolate one one of them and the white melted chocolate on the other.

put your pizza topping's on! (use the sweet ones!)

for cheese and tomato- use grated white chocolate, drizzle strawberry sauce on and use chopped strawberry.

pepperoni- chocolate buttons

ham and mushroom- gummy/foam mushrooms and chew or tutti fruiti sweets.

have fun and experiment with different combinations and put your own twist on you favorite pizza! ^_^ enjoy!

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