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Vodka Jellies

Published by Bekki Bradley

Great for parties (Adults only)



  • 1 Bottle of Vodka,
  • 1 packet of Jelly Cubes
  • Small pots or dishes about the size of a yogurt pot.
  • Water


Read the packet instructions on jelly, Half the amount of water and boil, add jelly cubes and let them disolve, the top up with voka, allow to set.


  • Leila 7 years ago

    Just to remind you this is : Student Recipes, Under 18s arent allowed to have alcahol! And its not just a tiny bit, Its a WHOLE BOTTLE! Im not eating this. ...............

  • lucy 8 years ago

    u cant heat the vodka... in will evaporate the all the alcohol out then they wud be pointless, use half the amount of water as sed above but only boil half of that and add the jelly cubes to the boild water, leave to cool slightly then add the remaining water and vodka and leave to set for a few hours at the least, this way the alcohol wont evaporate out and they have a better chance of setting xxx

  • Mel 9 years ago

    You shoudln't heat the vodka as when heated the alcohol evaporates!

  • Ashton 9 years ago

    We Loved These Ver Ver Very Much.... :P

  • Melissa Leathem 10 years ago

    i love the whole vodka jel;ly thing but omg u do it the wimps was do it but instead of heatin up the water heat up the vodka leave the water out of the vodka jelly believe me its so much more interesting !!! xxx

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