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Vodka Jelly Shots

Published by AMY




  • Unmade jelly cubes any flavor
  • About 20 shot sized pots
  • 40 table spoons of vodka
  • A bowl
  • A jug
  • A refrigerator
  • ...and some boiling water


1. Grab the bowl and put in the unmade jelly cubes and some hot water filling just to the top of the jelly cubes and the mix until all the cubes have dissolved in the bowl.

2. Pour the dissolved jelly and water in a jug and half fill the shot sized pots.

3. Fill the rest of the pots with 2 table spoons of vodka.

4. Then put all the shot sized pots on a and put in the refrigerator to set overnight.

5. When they have set enjoy!

But dont have them all to your self!!


  • Becky 5 years ago

    My sister had these at her wedding... Seemed legit

  • Nicole And Georgia 5 years ago

    Cheers bro, gonny get smashed noo

  • Shannon 6 years ago

    Thanks and you spelt enjoy wrong xx

  • Mark 6 years ago

    Dose it work tho

  • AliceB123 7 years ago

    Heyy, just wondering how many shots this would make?

  • Dragovich 7 years ago

    In russia vodka come out of tap

  • Debbie 8 years ago

    Try it with lemonade instead of water - gives it a bit of fizzz

  • Freya 8 years ago

    does it matter how many cubes or just as many as you want?

  • Steph 8 years ago

    The powder jelly works just as well, but you need just under 1/4 pint of water then the 40 spoons of vodka :D

  • Emma 9 years ago

    just about to try it with powder jelly too, sounds funnn

  • meeee 9 years ago

    wicked recipie gone try it today

  • Gemma 9 years ago

    great recipie i actually tried that and it worked a treat but i added more vodka to get the party going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luc 10 years ago

    Erm does the vodka actually mix? or does it stay liquid on top?

  • bernard 10 years ago

    pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!rn;Prnrn

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